NHS North Central London ICB - Changes to Medicus Health Partners GP practice branch surgeries at Bush Hill Park, Southbury, and Trinity Avenue

Closed 18 Jul 2023

Opened 22 Jun 2023


This survey relates to changes to Medicus Health Partners GP practice branch surgeries at Bush Hill Park, Southbury Road, and Trinity Avenue.

We wrote to you as a registered patient in 2019 and 2020 seeking your views on the proposed closure of the premises for Bush Hill Park, Southbury Road Surgery and Trinity Avenue. Relocating these services to Lincoln Road Surgery and how this may impact you.

The closure of the 3 branch sites is still required because they are no longer fit for purpose and do not meet the requirements of NHS Premises Standards. The closures of these sites are due to occur by 1 November 2023, but we will write to you again to confirm the date the sites will close.   

To ensure there is compliant and sufficient space at the Lincoln Road Surgery site, there have been extensive building works being carried out to create a 2nd and 3rd floor, to ensure that you can continue to access services and appointments. The building works will be complete by the end of October 2023, therefore we again would like to ensure we meet your needs before the three premises sites close.

The closure of the three sites does not mean you will not have access to GP services as you can continue to be seen by Lincoln Road Surgery, Carlton House and Willow House Surgeries and other MHP sites from 1 November 2023.                   

Please follow the link below to complete the survey so we can assess again how the closure of the three sites may impact you and what steps we may need to put in place.

The outcome of the survey will also be shared and discussed with North Central London (NCL) Integrated Care Board (ICB) whom also have a responsibility in assessing access for services for patients, before the sites close.

If you have any queries please contact MHP at info@medicushealthpartners.co.uk

You can also share your views with the North Central London (NCL) ICB Primary Care Team at nlphc.lon-nc-pcc@nhs.net.

Paper versions of this survey are also available at your practice if you would prefer to complete it in this way. Please complete and submit online or at the practice by Tuesday 18 July 2023.

All responses to the survey will be anonymous. 

Yours sincerely,

Medicus Health Partners


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