NCL Musculoskeletal community service proposals feedback - Residents/Patients

Closed 22 Mar 2024

Opened 13 Nov 2023


   Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are a prevalent cause of long-term pain and physical disability in England. In North Central London (NCL), we have seen a significant increase in demand for MSK community services, and recognise there are significant disparities in community services across the five NCL boroughs.

   To address these challenges, we’ve reviewed our current MSK community services in NCL, and designed some solutions that will help transform and level up our community MSK services.
   Information on our proposed new services is outlined in the document sent to you, titled – North Central London Musculoskeletal community service proposals, along with a video link that will go through the presentation. Please review the document and video, and then complete this questionnaire to give us your feedback.

Why your views matter

   Your feedback is essential in helping us refine these proposals and create healthcare services that better serve the needs of our community.

What happens next

   We will thoroughly review all submitted feedback to further refine our proposals. 
  Thank you for participating in the survey and contributing to shaping the future of North Central London's community MSK services. We may reach out again in the near future for additional feedback once our proposals are finalised. 


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