West Hampstead Medical Centre - Proposed Catchment Area Changes

Closed 7 Jul 2023

Opened 30 May 2023


Dear Resident or Patient,

West Hampstead Medical Centre is proposing to reduce our catchment area. These changes will not affect any currently registered patients (or their families registered at the same address) but will impact upon prospective new patients.

West Hampstead Medical Centre has the largest growth of any practice in North Central London and are now the biggest single practice in the North Central London NHS region. We currently have over 22600 patients whereas around 6 years ago (2016) we were around 11000 patients.

Some of the list size increase has arisen due to recent local developments. The largest developments locally, however, are yet to occur.

At present the centre has only 17 clinical rooms and the current practice premises and clinical space have already been maximised by the growing list size. There are no further realistic opportunities for additional clinical rooms- any space that could have been converted into a clinical room, has been.

In the current absence of any short to medium term additional suitable estates solutions, the Centre is looking at ways of trying to slow down growth. It is for this reason that we are proposing to reduce our catchment area.

Just to clarify, these changes will not affect any current patients (or their families registered at the same address). The changes would mean that some prospective patients on the peripheries of the current catchment area, currently able to register, would not be able to. New family members or family members moving to the same address would still be able to register.

By reducing our catchment area and slowing growth we will be able to continue to provide the level of care provided to date. Without restricting our catchment area we may have to look at steps we are keen to avoid such as increased use of telephone-only clinics and reduced face-to-face activity.

We would welcome your views on the proposed catchment area change. Please complete the following survey.

Yours Sincerely, 

Dr Ehsan Alkizwini

Dr Benjamin Bromilow

Dr Birgit Curtis

West Hampstead Medical Centre
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