Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) Poster & Postcard

Closed 11 Jul 2014

Opened 12 Jun 2014

Feedback updated 20 Oct 2014

We asked

• Do you think there is anything missing from the CIDR poster and postcard? • What do you think of the CIDR poster and postcard appearance?

You said

• An example would be good, of how useful it could be. • It doesn't really grab your interest

We did

• New material has been created containing examples. This has also been incorporated on the website • Newer material has been designed to be more eye catching

Results updated 20 Oct 2014

Thank you to all of those who completed this survey on the Camden Integrated DIgital Record (CIDR) communications material. 

This feedback is really helpful for the design of future material for CIDR.

Please see the attahced file to view some of the results of this survey.




After being discharged from hospital you are sat with your GP who has not yet received your hospital discharge letter. Your GP needs to adjust your medication but needs to see information from your hospital visit first. Your GP asks your permission to view your Camden Integrated Digital Record in order to be able view this information quickly in one place. Whilst there your GP can also ensure that you are receiving all the care you need at home.

NHS Camden CCG are linking health and social care information in Camden to improve the care Camden residents receive. For more information please go to


Why your views matter


As part of the Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) project, we have created a poster and postcard to raise awareness of the project. This consulation has been designed to get feedback on these.

We would like to collect feedback on the design and content of the poster and postcard, and use this feedback in the creation of future communications materials.

What happens next

We will publish the feedback we recieve and use this to inform the decisions we make around future public communications for the project.


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